I’m Krystal, and I’d like to welcome you to this little corner of the internet. Most days you can find me in my home studio, where I am busy fending off my three daughters while I try to juggle my consulting work with my art and photography practice. I have a mild obsession with unicorns, and a slightly less-than-mild obsession with business. When I am not making art, I like to snuggle my cat and dog, go for rambling drives with my family, or keep my nose in a book so it doesn’t freeze off during our long Northern Canadian winters.

But most all, I am happy as an artist, and I am content with my practice. This wasn’t always the case – I spent many long years being blocked creatively while I tried to fit myself into a very corporate box, where I believed art was a luxury I was never going to have. I lived thinking that success only came to those who hustled and left everything else off the table. It wasn’t until I realized I could build a business AROUND my life and skills that I was able to ditch this reality and rededicate myself to my creative practice.

Now I am passionate about helping others do the same, because I believe art is important. When creatives are empowered as entrepreneurs, everyone benefits. I’m blessed to be able to work with other artists now, helping them discover their creative voice, and building them a foundation to thrive in business. I invite you to join me on that journey, and erase the myth of the Starving Artist forever!